Return & Refund Policy

Fodder Hut Return Policy

Scope of Policy: This policy applies to all products supplied by Fodder Hut, including Chickpeas Straw and other feed and fodder products.

  1. Bulk and International Supplies: Given the nature of our business in bulk supplies and the complexities of international trading (including C&F, FOB, CIF terms), returns are generally not accepted. This is due to the involvement of multiple certifications, SGS and health certificates that ensure the quality and compliance of our products.
  2. Product Condition: Our products are carefully inspected and certified before dispatch. However, due to the nature of our products and the logistics involved in bulk and international supply, Fodder Hut cannot guarantee the condition of the product upon arrival. This includes factors like moisture content or other changes due to natural elements and transit conditions.
  3. No Return for Transit or Natural Effects: Returns or refunds are not applicable if the product is affected by transit conditions or natural elements. We ensure that all products leave our facilities in optimal condition, but we cannot control conditions during transit.
  4. Exceptions: In exceptional cases where the product is proven to be significantly different from what was agreed upon (excluding transit or natural effects), a return or refund may be considered on a case-by-case basis. This requires thorough documentation and agreement from both parties.
  5. Notification: Any concerns regarding the product must be reported within a specified timeframe (e.g., 48 hours) after receipt. Late claims may not be honored.
  6. Regulatory Compliance: All returns, if accepted, must comply with local and international regulations, including the return of health and SGS certificates where applicable.
  7. Reference to Industry Standards: Fodder Hut’s policies are aligned with industry standards. We recommend referring to the practices of the top 10 animal feed and fodder suppliers worldwide for a comprehensive understanding of industry norms.

Contact Information: For any queries or clarifications regarding this policy, please contact our customer service team.