Soya De-Oiled Cake (Soya DOC)

Soya De-Oiled Cake (Soya DOC)


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Soya De-Oiled Cake (Soya DOC) emerges as a critical by-product derived from the extraction process of soybean oil. This valuable component is a primary source of high-quality protein and essential nutrients for livestock, enhancing their overall health and development.

Unveiling the Nutritional Value of Soya DOC

Protein-Rich Content: Soya DOC boasts a substantial protein content, ranging between 46% to 48%. This easily digestible protein is a primary source of amino acids, crucial for livestock growth and muscle development.

Amino Acid Profile: Featuring a well-balanced amino acid profile, Soya DOC is notably rich in lysine and methionine, vital for optimal animal growth, reproduction, and immune system fortification.

Energy Source: Besides its protein richness, Soya DOC contributes to the energy provision in animal diets due to its moderate fat content, establishing a balanced nutrient profile essential for livestock sustenance.

Diverse Applications and Remarkable Benefits of Soya DOC in Livestock Feed

Livestock Growth and Development: Integration of Soya DOC into animal feed facilitates efficient growth and development, amplifying the overall health and vitality of livestock.

Enhanced Feed Efficiency: The superior protein quality of Soya DOC enhances feed conversion rates, ensuring optimized nutrient utilization and mitigating feed wastage.

Augmented Milk and Egg Production: Soya DOC’s amino acid composition significantly bolsters milk production in dairy animals and elevates egg yield in poultry, ensuring productivity enhancement.


Soya De-Oiled Cake (Soya DOC) is an indispensable component in animal feed formulations, bestowing unparalleled nutritional advantages upon various livestock species. FodderHut unwavering dedication to quality assurance solidifies Soya DOC’s pivotal role in augmenting livestock nutrition.


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